Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Jess Harvey - Balsall Common
I loved every minute of my driving lessons with Renee; even the moments on roundabouts (my personal nemesis) which I never would have been able to conquer without Renee. I would recommend Renee to all types of learners because of her ability to be both friendly and to deliver incredible lessons at the same time. Renee worked so hard to do what was right for me and recognised my strengths and weaknesses as a driver and knew how to target these to best prepare me for my test. Best of all was Renee's approachable and friendly nature that made drving lessons fun and really constructive. I miss my lessons already.

Stacy Powell - Warwick
I was a very nervous learner and I had tried 3 different instructors, none of which I was happy to book a 2nd block of lessons with. Renee completely put me at ease thoughout my lessons and I was more than happy to book a 2nd block. Renee has been the best instructor I have had and it was great fun learning with her. I would highly recommend booking with her, she did everything to help me pass first time and you can't ask for more than that.

Tommy Hindmarsh - Coventry
I would highly recommend Renee, her fun and informative lessons provided me with all the skills and the confidence to pass my test first time.

Ben - Coventry
"I've never had so much fun learning to drive"! Is what I thought and felt, and so will you if you choose the lovely and fantastic Renee Wood to be your instructor.

During my intensive course, our instructor-pupil relationship grew and grew from meeting the first time to having a laugh and joke, all the while maintaining her high quality teaching standards and me developing the skills.

For those of you reading this testimonial who want to drive safely I implore you to phone Renee, her relaxed attitude and approach will put you immediately at ease, and her smile, sense of humour and her infectious laugh will make you very comfortable which in turn will help you learn more.

My short, yet intensive time with Renee, enabled me to pass my test first time. I promise you won't regret it.

Clark Podger - Coventry
Driving and learning with Renee was a real pleasure, I never realised how much I enjoyed driving until I learnt with Renee. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed with a sound learning methodology which in turn had a positive impact on my skills, confidence and my driving.

I continue to promote her to my friends and family and I highly recommend her to you or anyone wishing to start to drive or to change from a previous instructor (as I did).

I passed first time! Something I never thought I would be able to do until I learnt with Renee.

Jo Todd - Coventry
As a nervous learner it was so good to learn to drive with Renee - from the first lesson Renee was an all round star offering me great advice constantly encouraging and always making me question my own driving and road awareness to make sure I understood everything I was doing. Renee is an excellent instructor, friendly, encouraging, professional and makes 'you' undersand what it takes to drive safely and confidently. I passed first time and am really grateful to Renee for all her support.

Ram Sandhu - Coventry
I had tried and tried to pass my driving test I had a couple of different instructors then I met Renee. I wanted more intensive lessons, Renee was so friendly but also extremely professional and reliable. Renee taught me in ways other instructors didn't! I had only 10 lessons with her and I passed my test with just 1 minor fault. I strongly believe this is down to Renee being such a perfectionist. I highly recommend her to anybody who is about to start taking lessons or anyone who had had previous lessons. She is brilliant!

Andre Gordhillo - Coventry
I can't recommend Renee enough! She is a fantastic instructor, I passed my test first time with her and we had a great time from day one.

Bernard Russell - Coventry
I found learning to drive with Renee easy, comfortable and really professional. Previously I had been using a different instructor; changing was the best thing I could have done. Since being taught by Renee I feel 100% safe and have a complete understanding of driving I only wish I had found her phone number a long time ago, also it would have saved me money. I had failed my test 3 times before and felt uncomfortable driving then started with this cheerful, professional and thorough person and passed my test on my next attempt with full confidence. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning to drive. One of the best by far.

Daniel Fagan - Coventry
I did an intensive course with Renee, I had never been in a driver's seat before and was nervous but Renee soon changed this within five minutes of meeting her, she is very polite and welcoming and when you have your lessons she explains fully and takes her time. You can ask her a question anytime too. In my lessons I enjoyed Renee's personal tips on driving and her patience but also she has a laugh with you. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I passed my test within two months of meeting Renee.

Juliet Kuzminski - Balsall Common
I have just passed my driving test on my first attempt. Before I met Renee I had no previous experience of driving and was quite nervous but I was put straight at ease. Renee was recommended to me by my best friend who also passed first time so I knew she would be great. Lessons were always good fun and I really looked forward to them each week. I now love driving and cannot recommend Renee enough. She really is a fantastic teacher - patient, friendly and fun. I will be recommending her to everyone.

Rachael Williamson - Coventry
I started my lessons with Renee with no driving experience at all, she made me feel really comfortable and was really thorough in every aspect of her teaching. Renee was patient and open to guiding the lessons both around what she felt I needed to work on as well as what I also felt I needed to practise in order to develop my confidence and skills. Thanks to Renee I passed first time and I would highly recommend her to others for lessons.